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Roland Virtual Sonics LLC. represents the joint venture between Roland Corporation and Seattle based Virtual Sonics. We are a software, services and media solutions provider that represents the next wave in the evolution of modern music creation, addressing several challenges present in the current music creation landscape.

We exist to alleviate many pain points that plague modern musicians and media producers: the lack of extreme-fidelity virtual instruments, the challenges to become professional musicians and the less-than-modern collaborative community and online spaces available.

Roland Cloud represents a cloud-based suite of high-fidelity instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators and producers. Roland Cloud revolutionizes the current musical ecosystem by leveraging the cloud to connect musical artists to their sounds, their workflow and most-importantly, each other.

The Roland Cloud community is the destination for composers, producers, and musicians of every genre and skill level to have a voice in the largest connected community of artists on planet Earth.

Flowing from Roland Cloud are a myriad of new, high-fidelity virtual instruments. Roland Cloud delivers innovation on all fronts, from the revolutionary and cutting-edge way digital instruments are captured to the way they are delivered to popular digital workstations. As an ecosystem, Roland Cloud's community of music and media creators can expect the ability to express their creative aspirations in intuitive ways never before imagined.

Roland Virtual Sonics
1118 1st Street, Suite 301
Snohomish, WA 98290