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What is Roland Cloud Manager?

Roland Cloud Manager is the application that delivers everything. Use it to create and manage your Roland Account, choose your membership plan, and access your no-charge instruments, patches and services, while keeping everything up to date.  


Download the app, create a Roland Account, and shape your musical experience starting with our free ZENOLOGY Lite Software Synthesizer. Once inside, you can explore membership options as well as purchase Instrument Keys, patch collections, ZEN-Core Sound Packs, and Wave and Model Expansions. Roland Cloud Manager puts you in charge. 

  • Download Roland Cloud Manager  

  • Create your Roland Account  

  • Install your free software  

  • Redeem or purchase Membership Keys  

  • Redeem or purchase Lifetime Keys  

  • Install instruments and sounds  

  • Purchase/install Sound Packs, Wave and Model Expansions for ZEN-Core compatible hardware/software 

  • Manage your Roland Cloud Library  

  • Stay informed with news and updates  




For Windows

For Windows

Click the button below to download and install Roland Cloud Manager.
For macOS Apple Silicon and Intel

For macOS Apple Silicon and Intel

Click the button below to download and install Roland Cloud Manager.
For macOS 10.9-10.13

For macOS 10.9-10.13

Click the button below to download and install Roland Cloud Manager.


System Requirements (macOS™)

Operating System macOS™ X 10.9-10.12 support SOUND CANVAS VA and Concerto only
macOS™ X 10.14 or later for Roland Cloud Legacy Series, ZENOLOGY, AIRA, SRX Series, and expansion content
CPU CPU: Intel® Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor, 64-bit environment (Intel® Core 2 Duo, Apple MacBook and iMac 2007 and earlier not supported)
RAM 4 GB, 8 GB or more recommended
Hard Drive 180 MB

System Requirements (Windows®)

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7SP1/8/8.1 support Sound Canvas & Concerto only
Microsoft Windows 10 for Roland Cloud Legacy Series, ZENOLOGY, AIRA, SRX Series, and expansion content
CPU 64-bit environment
RAM 4 GB, 8 GB or more recommended                         
Hard Drive 236 MB


Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Release Notes

  • Version 2.6.4 - Roland Cloud Manager v2.6.4

    March 23, 2022
    • New: RCM now displays a desktop notification when it self-updates
    • Improved: CPU and RAM usage reduced
    • Improved: Reduced authorization errors in RCM
    • Improved: Reliability of the installation of plugins on macOS
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM considers as installed instruments that are not  installed
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM will not allow some products to be released as part of The Pro Selector promotion
    • Fixed: DAWs could hang for a while if a plugin is added while RCM is closed and there is no internet connection
    • Fixed: “Contact Support” panel text sometimes doesn’t fit on the panel
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, older versions of RCM fail to update
    • Fixed: Removed problematic menu to select a custom install location for RVR instruments
    • Fixed: Tray Panel is displayed incorrectly on 4K monitors
    • Fixed: Apple Silicon edition of RCM doesn’t autostart on non-admin accounts
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, during a purchase, RCM displays a semi-transparent panel over the Main Window
    • Fixed: RCM’s Main Window doesn’t open when clicking on macOS’ Dock icon
    • Fixed: Tray Panel isn’t displayed in the front
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, a dot is visible below the Dock icon in macOS when it shouldn’t
    • Fixed: RCM can’t enable autostart if some system folders aren’t present
    • Fixed: Filter popups can’t be kept open while a download is in progress
    • Fixed: RCM displays multiple Desktop Notifications of “Instrument installed” when detecting instruments already present in the system
    • Fixed: Under rare circumstances, on a product details page, the Download button isn’t displayed
    • Fixed: Download progress bar in Library doesn’t reset to 0% if the download is canceled

    • Hotfix for RCM
    • Fixed: RCM uses 100% of CPU
    • Fixed: On RCM’s download page, the Legacy version of RCM displays the incorrect range of macOS versions
    • Fixed: On macOS, RCM hangs when it is closed from the system menu
    • New: Revamped UI design of RCM
    • New: Universal build of RCM for Intel/ARM macOS users
    • New: When a search yields no result, a simple button is displayed to allow the user to easily clear the filters
    • Improved: Roland Permissions Manager now runs in the background, reducing password prompt frequency
    • Improved: Focus behavior improved in macOS systems
    • Improved: Roland Permissions Manager startup improved on macOS
    • Improved: Increased reliability of the external login flow
    • Improved: RCM now closes faster when requested from the Tray Panel
    • Improved: Reduced startup loads on RCM, preventing starting up fans on macOS machines
    • Improved: Products that depend on ZENOLOGY are allowed to be installed if ZENOLOGY is not installable on the current OS
    • Improved: RCM starting up on slow internet connections
    • Improved: Added new loading spinners in some sections of RCM while information is populated
    • Improved: Faster action and deactivation of PRO items
    • Improved: Request config data from and endpoint rather than a file
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the log files were being created in incorrect folders
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the Windows updater could not start
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM does not start after a fresh installation
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the authentication of a plugin through the plugin owned credentials dialog fails
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, a product details page isn’t loaded
    • Fixed: Some failed data requests could be considered successful, displaying incorrect information to the user
    • Fixed: RCM thinks Windows 11 is Windows 8
    • Fixed: No series is selected automatically in the Software, Hardware and Test Drive sections when entering for the first time
    • Fixed: After purchasing an SDZ product of both categories, the product card disappears from the interface
    • Fixed: RCM won’t start if the computer loses connection to internet while starting up
    • Fixed: Potential crash during startup
    • Fixed: When RCM is unable to startup, it displays incorrect error code
    • Fixed: Some icons in RCM are low resolution
    • Fixed: “Removing” status doesn’t reset when cancelling sync dialog in macOS
    • Fixed: Potential crash when closing the Main Window
    • Fixed: When the current device authentication fails, startup hangs
    • Fixed: Top menu in macOS isn’t displayed all the required times
    • Fixed: RCM needed to restart itself when authenticating a plugin through the plugin itself
    • Fixed: Potential crash when opening the Main Window
    • Fixed: Library column titles are not centered
    • Improved: Top bar of instrument series is more responsive
    • Improved: Left panel for application sections is more responsive
    • Improved: Reduced CPU usage during purchasing process
    • Improved: Better handling for combinations of high and low resolution screens
    • Improved: Internet connectivity detection
    • Improved: macOS installers of RCM now detect unsupported processors, preventing unsupported installations of RCM
    • Improved: Reduced CPU usage during startup  
    • Improved: Better behavior from Library filter
    • Improved: Thumbnails now load faster
    • Improved: PRO Access toggles disabled while changes are being applied
    • Improved: Filters in the Library can be scrolled
    • Improved: Windows installer now generates entries in the Menu for all the system users
    • Improved: Better refresh capabilities in RCM when purchasing products and using RCM on multiple systems
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM could drop authentication of plugins every hour
    • Fixed: On macOS, under certain circumstances, RCM could ask multiple times for admin permissions
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, SDZ titles could be displayed as Locked
    • Fixed: On macOS, if already running in the background, RCM doesn’t open its Main Window if called from Launchpad
    • Fixed: On Windows, if already running in the background and called from a search in the system, RCM’s Main Window doesn’t display all the information expected
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the Software and Hardware sections of RCM could not display the install status of products
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM would crash when starting up on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
    • Fixed: RCM now better recovers from internet loss during an instrument download
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM wasn’t starting its helper service on its own
    • Fixed: ZENOLOGY FX and ZENOLOGY Pro could display an update notification for both
    • Fixed: RCM could display update notifications on Concerto when there was no update available
    • Fixed: Login page now works correctly on Safari 10.12
    • Fixed: Social icons in RCM are low resolution

    • New: Apple silicon edition of RCM
    • New: 30-day authentication window
    • New: RCM now has a landing page which allows the users to log in via local browser or create an account
    • New: Support for the new PRO Selector feature
    • Improved: RCM now launches faster and uses less resources
    • Improved: New synchronization features improve the reliability and integrity of RCM
    • Improved: Fewer files downloaded at launch
    • Fixed: Focus lost on Main Window after a password prompt during installation of an instrument
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM allows activating instruments that can't be activated, displaying the code E024
    • Fixed: Filters are not cleared in the library after traveling from an "Available in your library" link
    • Fixed: "Available in your library" appears on instruments not available to the user
    • Fixed: The library can become unresponsive after sitting idle for hours
    • Fixed: "Download" button appears disabled when it should not be visible

    • New: RCM now updates its config file automatically at runtime
    • New: RCM now sends its build architecture to services requests
    • New: Initial work on supporting the ARM64 architecture required for Apple's M1 chips
    • New: Initial work on supporting WebLogin flows instead of the normal login dialog
    • New: New QuickScan method introduced to increase the speed at which updates are detected for instruments
    • New: RCM now remembers the last product page visited
    • New: Updated copyright in tests displayed in RCM
    • Improved: Updated technologies used in RCM (new XCode version)
    • Improved: Better system signal handling in macOS to exit more gracefully when an external process requests closing RCM
    • Improved: RCM can now be properly updated from a non-admin account in macOS
    • Improved: Reduced disk usage at startup due to thumbnail downloads
    • Improved: RCM now has access in macOS to the same permissions tool than in Windows
    • Improved: Renamed the old Permissions Helper tool to Roland Permissions Manager
    • Improved: Speed at which RCM detects instruments for the local instruments
    • Fixed: Scaling issues in Windows Surface Pro  
    • Fixed: Sync loop when trying to uninstall some instruments in macOS
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the user could be logged off
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the user could be prompted twice to enter its credentials to install a plugin in macOS
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, RCM could not start automatically after updating in Windows
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the uninstaller could leave some data leftovers in Windows
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the user could try to download a product from its details page when it wasn't possible
    • Fixed: Properly close the required running programs in Windows to prevent leaving leftovers behind when uninstalling
    • Fixed: Download button is disabled for some products from the Hardware section
    • Fixed: RCM updater application in macOS now has the correct Roland icon
    • Fixed: Sometimes, when updating user information, RCM could show the error E037
    • Fixed: Issue related to the pause/resume behavior of the downloads
    • Fixed: Sometimes RCM sends itself to the front in macOS
    • Fixed: Sometimes the Lifetime Key badge doesn't appear in a product information after the purchase
    • Fixed: Crash under certain circumstances during an instrument download
    • Fixed: Crash under certain circumstances when finishing the scan of instruments
    • Fixed: Crash under certain circumstances when storing information in the DB file
    • Fixed: Crash under certain circumstances when the accepts a question dialog
    • Fixed: Crash when a download becomes invalid before finishing
    • Improved: Update detection
    • Improved: Support for mixed Admin/User account usage
    • Fixed: Windows scaling on high resolution displays
    • Improved: Reduced network usage due to better handling of cached resources like thumbnails
    • Improved: Scaling support for Windows laptops with external monitor should be handled correctly
    • Fixed: Updating from 2.5.11
    • Fixed: High CPU and disk usage during startup
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the incorrect hardware plugin was being downloaded
    • Fixed: Error that prevented users from authenticating instruments directly from the instrument itself
    • Fixed: Cart page now differentiates between one or multiple items (“item” VS “items”)
    • Fixed: Corrected display of series in the Hardware section
    • Fixed: Rare crash related to automatic downloads
    • Fixed: Rare crash related to macOS laptops waking up
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the language dropdown can be displayed in an incorrect place of the screen
    • Fixed: Clicking on “Send My Logs” doesn’t close the corresponding dialog in RCM
    • Hotfix release to resolve intermittent refresh issue after purchasing
    • Fixed:  Zenology installation dependencies for Hardware products
    • New: Test Drive section added for grouping new elements
    • New: Left pane organized and grouped
    • New: The macOS installer and updater of RCM now removes invalid Dock icons of RCM, if present
    • New: Product pages now have an Install button, so the instruments can be installed from there
    • Improved: Overall performance improved
    • Improved: Internet detection method reliability
    • Improved: Installing instruments in macOS no longer leave leftovers
    • Fixed: Crash when connecting new devices while RCM is running
    • Fixed: Crash when activating Unsigned Plugins under certain conditions
    • Fixed: Crash when closing RCM under certain circumstances
    • Fixed: Crash when logging out while a download is active
    • Fixed: Crash when a download becomes invalid before finishing
    • Fixed: Windows installer no longer hangs when admin rights are not granted
    • Fixed: Sudden logout under certain circumstances
    • Fixed: macOS uninstallers no longer display “Search app” windows after the removal of RCM
    • Fixed: Cancelling the macOS installer no longer leaves leftovers
    • Fixed: Now the user can open just one combo box filter in the Library at the same time
    • Fixed: Cut-off texts on Checkout window
    • Fixed: On macOS, clicking the Dock icon of the Login window when minimized now restores the window
    • Fixed: During startup of RCM, unused folders are no longer generated under certain paths
    • Fixed: Slovak localization issues

    • New: Users can now check for updates on-demand from a new menu in the macOS windows of RCM and from the tray icon in Windows 
    • New: The users now can click on the “Available in your Library” text when looking through products in the Software and Hardware sections
    • Improved: RCM now better handles storage of information, which should help increasing startup performance, along with reduced CPU usage when idle
    • Improved: RCM now sorts the Series in the Library alphabetically
    • Improved: RCM now better handles the purchase of instruments, preventing some errors related to the Cart not being emptied on time 
    • Fixed: Some issues presented in macOS using external monitors 
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when opening the Tray Panel in macOS
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when opening the application from the installed APP when already running
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when a download of an instrument finishes
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when starting an automatic download 
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when asking for permission to install an instrument
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when there is no internet connection while starting up
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when the user logs in multiple times in a small period of time
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when looking for installed instruments in the user system
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM crashes when trying to uninstall SDZ instruments in macOS
    • Fixed: Under certain circumstances the uninstaller of RCM doesn’t close the application when removing it
    • Fixed: Installer now behaves correctly when cancelling the installation and the progress is reaching completion
    • Fixed: The login window now doesn’t display in full screen, preventing the display of artifacts when logging in
    • Fixed: Sometimes the updates of installed instruments are not detected correctly
    • Major Authentication improvements in RCM
    • Fixed: Crash when removing synced devices
    • Fixed: Crash when performing network operations
    • Fixed: Crash in certain conditions when opening RCM
    • Fixed: Crash in certain conditions when installing ACB instruments
    • Fixed: RCM no longer asks to store information in user KeyChain in macOS
    • Fixed: RCM doesn’t open up automatically after the machine goes to sleep in macOS
    • Fixed: White screen on login page under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Under certain conditions, some users in Windows don’t see buttons on the installer
    • Fixed: Under certain conditions, some users in Windows see the update notification, but RCM becomes unresponsive
    • Fixed: Under certain conditions, the Tray Panel of RCM would display a 0% progress download even when there is none
    • Fixed: Under certain conditions, some data pieces were stored incorrectly
    • New: RCM technologies have been updated
    • New: RCM now cleans instrument folders to remove unnecessary .bak files
    • Improved: The removal of ZENOLOGY Pro from the user system has been improved
    • Improved: The installation of instruments has been improved in Windows and macOS, causing less stress on the system
    • Improved: RCM languages can now be updated server-side. This will reduce work for the translation teams and make changes applied to previous versions of RCM 
    • Improved: RCM uninstaller in Windows behaves better with folders with unknown contents 
    • Improved: RCM better handles some network requests when they fail
    • Improved: RCM is now sorting the series tabs better

    • Zenbeats 2.0 integration
    • Zenology PRO support
    • Fixed: On RCM's main window, when the "Go back to RCM" message is displayed during a purchase, the "Back" button is no longer displayed
    • Fixed: When displaying web pages that present errors (404, 50X, not loading) RCM is now able to detect such problems faster and more efficiently
    • Fixed: RCM no longer prevents the user from removing sound patches for plugins that were previously removed
    • Fixed: RCM now resumes download of RVRs after Concerto is installed as dependency
    • Fixed: RCM no longer displays "NONE" as local version of instruments whose local version can't be acquired
    • Fixed: "Software Solutions" series filter now fits properly on Library
    • New: Better support for Zenbeats and Zenology.
    • New: Support for updating EXZ and SDZ instrument plugins
    • Improved: Errors are now displayed via system notifications if the RCM window is not opened already


    • Fixed: RCM crashes after being idle for some time
    • Fixed: Sync dialog box now properly displays the option buttons
    • Fixed: Under certain conditions, the help page displayed by RCM is blank
    • Fixed: After installing a Patch file RCM redirects to the NEWS section
    • Fixed: When requested to remove an instrument that requires sync of the uninstaller in macOS, RCM no longer displays an "Installed" notification
    • New: RCM now can sell patches
    • New: RCM now offers the "Queued" filter status in the Main Window
    • Improved: Now the webpages displayed in RCM will remain visible in case of network error
    • Improved: Now all web views display a black scrollbar to better match the visual style
    • Improved: RCM now resets the scroll progress on the Library section when changing the status filter


    • Fixed: Pause and cancel button improvements during download
    • Fixed: Potential logoff when certain conditions are met during activation/downloading
    • Fixed: Differences in download progress between Tray Panel and Main Window
    • Fixed: Downloads could stall at 1% if certain conditions are met
    • Fixed: Service application stability improvements
    • Fixed: Update notification improvements after moving the library to a custom location
    • Improved: Error codes and messages
    • New: UI changes for handling offers and promotions


    • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed errors while activating two or more unsigned plugin instruments
    • Fixed errors when RCM idle for at least one hour
    • Fixed Inconsistent UI status during instrument operation
    • Fixed Installation error for JV-1080
    • Fixed Canceling download of unsigned plugin instrument restarts activation
    • Fixed RCM UI grabs focus when unused
    • Fixed Tray Panel displays expired instruments while downloading
    • Fixed clicking on notifications of an instrument clears filters
    • Error messaging updates
    • Fixed Install status of unsigned instruments not updating correctly after removal


    • Bug fixes


    • Security updates
    • Bug fixes


    • Improved login and Garageband fixes
    • Security updates


    • Garageband authentication fixes


    • Re-designed user interface
    • Performance improvements
    • Better support for offline usage
    • Portrait screen orientation
    • Better responsiveness to different screen sizes and orientations
    • Security updates
    • Bug fixes


    • Security updates
    • Bug fixes


    • Improved login and authentication
    • Improved Updater application.
    • Improved Installer application.
    • Improved macOS launch options for RCM. It now can be launched from Launchpad, Spotlight and by double-clicking the APP, if already running.
    • Various minor fixes and performance improvements.


    • Improved installers and updaters
    • Bug fixes


    • RCM 2.2.5 includes a bug fix for a Windows patch folder issue. 
    • RCM now offers JP patch dialogue localization.
    • This RCM update has rectified an unresponsive install button issue. 


    • RCM 2.2.4 includes patch support for several instruments.


    • RCM 2.2.3 features improved stability and enhanced performance.


    • RCM 2.2.1 features improved stability and enhanced performance.


    • RCM 2.2 features improved stability and enhanced performance. 


    • Users can now check manually for RCM updates.
    • RCM now inclues NVDA screen software for partially sighted users. 
    • RCM now loads 3X faster.
    • We've improved the “Send My Log” flow improved for creating support tickets.
    • Users can now uncheck “custom install” checkbox to reset the library path to default. Previously installed RVRs will be copied to a new path .

    • Roland Cloud manager now runs in system tray (or system menu) mode, as well as in full application mode. While running in your system tray or system menu, Roland Cloud Manager continues to run background tasks like downloads, authorization, checking for updates, and many other automatic functions. While running as an application on your desktop, Roland Cloud Manager now provides quick access to relevant news and information in addition to allowing management access to your instrument library.
    • Roland Cloud Manager now lets users set a custom path to store Concerto based instruments, including external storage devices.
    • We’ve made enhancements to our instrument and Roland Cloud Manager update functionality including silent installation and binary patching. You can now sync previously installed instruments.
    • Members with expired subscriptions will now be able to log in to Roland Cloud Manager to see new instruments, news, and updates, although instrument access is still tied to a valid subscription or trial subscription.
    • Roland Cloud Manager now allows you to update all instruments with a single click.
    • Roland Cloud Manager provides the ability to pause syncing and downloading of individual instruments.
    • To provide better service to Roland Cloud members who may experience technical issues, Roland Cloud Manager now facilitates the ability for users to submit a log that will help us to get you running in record time.
    • Roland Cloud Manager 2.0 introduces device tracking, in order to limit the number of devices a user can use with a single Roland Cloud License.
    • We’ve removed the need to update Roland Cloud Concerto as part of Roland Cloud Manager updates.