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What is Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud represents the world's most powerful cloud-based suite of high-resolution software synthesizers and sampled instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators.  Our global community of artists, creators and dreamers have easy-access to an ever-growing catalog of legendary and brand-new software instruments.

Andrew Papastephanou - Sound Engineer / Musician / Technician

Andrew Papastephanou

Sound Engineer / Musician / Technician

“An incredible resource. I’ve always longed for Roland’s iconic sound libraries inside my DAW and now I have them in one easy to use and growing collection!”

Diamond Carter - Singer / Songwriter

Diamond Carter

Singer / Songwriter

"Roland Cloud is one of my favorite new writing tools. 
It's incredible to me that these legendary old sounds, and soon to be legendary new sounds are all now just a click away inside my DAW. Roland has successfully kept up with the transition of how electronic music is made, and then some."

Steve Levine - Composer / Producer / Engineer

Steve Levine

Composer / Producer / Engineer

"Roland cloud is a really easy way for a producer or studio to have access to many of  Roland's greatest ever hardware synths  - All instantly available as plug-ins for your DAW  - they will unleash your creativity!"

Titanic Sinclair - Music Producer/Director

Titanic Sinclair

Music Producer/Director

"I never know where I'm going to be producing - it could be in a hotel, on the tour bus, on a flight, or in my studio. This was a messy nightmare until Roland Cloud was introduced to my workflow. Paired with the System 8, I am now able to bring my entire studio around the world without losing any of my favorite sounds or sacrificing creativity."

John Fryer - Record Producer / Musician

John Fryer

Record Producer / Musician

"So... people used to say that I had my head in the clouds, but now I really do... The Roland Cloud, and its awesome. There is everything there that you could ask for and more, it doesn't stop there either as they are adding more things all the time."


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