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What can we help you with?

  • How do I create a Roland Cloud account?

    1. Go to the Roland Cloud website,
    2. Click on the “Sign Up Here” button
    3. Fill out the web form
    4. Click “Sign Me Up!”
  • How do I sign up for the 30-day free trial?

    The 30-day free trial starts when you create a Roland Cloud account.
  • How do I sign up for a paid subscription?

    1. Create a Roland Cloud account or sign in to your account on the Roland Cloud website
    2. Click on “Pricing” in the header menu
    3. Click the “Subscribe” button
    4. Select monthly or yearly option, then complete the billing information
  • How do I cancel my trial membership?

    Trial memberships automatically expire after 30 days—you don’t need to do anything.
  • How do I cancel a paid subscription?

    1. In the My Account page, click the “Cancel Subscription” link or:
    2. In the email receipt from Xsolla, click on the “Unsubscribe” link or:
    3. Contact Xsolla via
  • How do I change my email address in my Roland Cloud account?

    The email address can’t be changed.
  • How do I update my payment information?

    1. Sign in to the Roland Cloud website
    2. Go to My Account
    3. In the “Membership and Billing” section, click on Payment Information
  • How do I check my billing history?

    1. Sign in to the Roland Cloud website
    2. Go to My Account
    3. In the “Membership and Billing” section, click on Billing History
    4. For further questions, contact [email protected]
  • How do I contact Xsolla?

    Xsolla, Roland Virtual Sonics' billing partner, can be contacted via email at [email protected] or via their website at
  • What is the forthcoming subscriber loyalty rewards program (YOURS) that I've been hearing about?

    Coming Soon:
    The Roland Cloud Subscriber YOURS Loyalty Rewards Program - Get a free software instrument with 12 months of Roland Cloud!

    Roland Cloud would like to sincerely thank our loyal subscribers and those who participated in our Early Access Beta by introduction of the Roland Cloud Subscriber rewards program!

    As an online service, Roland Cloud offers thousands of dollars of value for pennies on the dollar via our low monthly subscription.  Unlike most online services, our subscription pays you interest in return for your loyalty.

    Sounds Great, What’s the reward?
    For every 12 months as an active subscriber to Roland Cloud, you will be able to pick one out of any of your favorite Software Instruments or Software Studio tools that are included with your basic subscription tier to become yours permanently, regardless of your subscription status, forever.  It doesn’t matter that this instrument or studio tool would individually sell for more than the cost of your basic subscription over 12-month period.  We want you to have it.  Since we’re always adding new software instruments and studio tools, every 12 months you’ll always have a new and exciting batch of rewards to choose from.

    I took a break in my subscription, am I still eligible?
    12 months of subscription is the only requirement.  Your Roland Cloud subscription time adds up, regardless of lapses in subscription status.  It doesn’t matter if you subscribe for 12 months consecutively or one month per year for the next twelve years.  You are still eligible to own an instrument or studio software tool.   No catch.  No strings attached.  
    Accrue another 12 months and get another software instrument from our collection for life.  It’s simple.

    Does my Early Access Beta Trial subscription time count towards my 12-month reward? 
    Of course it does!  All subscription time counts.  Whether your subscription was acquired via a Roland Cloud promotion, during Early Access Beta or with any coupon whatsoever for Roland Cloud, it still counts as time toward your reward.  We recognize your loyalty and want to reward it with some loyalty of our own.  

    When does this go live?
    Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements around this program going live on Roland Cloud.  If you have already accrued one year of subscription time at the time this program goes live, you will be awarded an instrument retroactively.

  • How do I check my YOURS loyalty program credits?

    Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “YOURS loyalty program credit check”
  • What is Roland Cloud Manager?

    Roland Cloud Manager is a helper application which allows Roland Cloud users to install, update and remove Roland Cloud plug-ins and software packages.
  • How do I install Roland Cloud Manager?

    1. Sign in to the Roland Cloud website
    2. In the header menu, click on “Catalog”
    3. Click on “Essentials”
    4. Click on “Roland Cloud Manager”
    5. Download the appropriate installer for your operating system
    6. Run the Installer
  • How do I start Roland Cloud Manager?

    Roland Cloud Manager starts running automatically after it’s installed. When it’s running, you can find it in the Menu Bar (on a Mac) or in the Hidden Icons section of Task Bar (on a Windows machine).
  • How do I install the instruments?

    1. In Roland Cloud Manager, click on “My Instruments”
    2. Click on the “Install” button next to the instrument you want to install
    3. Follow the Installer instructions as they are presented
    4. You can queue up multiple instruments to download, but they’ll download sequentially
  • What is Concerto?

    Concerto is a plug-in that hosts the Anthology, Tera and FLAVR sample libraries.
  • How do I install Concerto?

    Upon first launch of Roland Cloud Manager, you will be prompted to install Concerto.
  • How do I uninstall a Roland Cloud instrument?

    • In Roland Cloud Manager, go to “My Instruments” and click the “Uninstall” button of the instrument you want to remove
    • Follow the uninstaller directions
  • How do I uninstall Roland Cloud Manager?


    • Quit Roland Cloud Manager
    • Move the Roland Cloud Manager from the Applications folder to the Trash
    • Empty the Trash


    • Quit Roland Cloud Manager
    • Use the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel


  • Can I install the Roland Cloud instruments on an external hard drive?

    • The installer program for the instrument will indicate if the install location can be customized.
    • Do not manually move the instruments after installation, or Roland Cloud Manager will attempt to reinstall them.      
    • The Concerto sample libraries (for the Anthology, Tera and Flavr instruments) must be located on the system drive.
  • How do I authenticate the instruments?

    1. In the plug-in UI, click on the “Options” button
    2. Select “Authentication” from the drop-down menu
    3. Enter your email address and password
    4. Click Submit
  • Do I have to be online to use the instruments?

    You have to be online to initially authenticate the instruments, but after that you have seven days before you need to be online again.
  • What are the minimum system requirements for Roland Cloud?

    MacOS 10.9 or Windows 7 SP1, and a 64-bit DAW or plug-in host that supports VST, AU or AAX instrument plug-ins.
  • How do I use the plug-ins to make music?

    Once you’ve installed them, check the documentation for your DAW or plug-in host for instructions on how to integrate Roland Cloud instruments into your system.
  • How do I enable multi-out for the TR-808 or TR-909 in Logic Pro X?

    Insert the multi-out version of the TR-808/909 plugin (not the stereo out version) on a track

    On the TR-808/909 control panel click the "options" button and select "sub output" from the popup menu (enable as many of the sub outputs as you want)

    Open the mixer view in Logic - at the bottom of the fader for the TR-808/909 there will be a "+/-" button to add/remove aux channels for that instrument.  

    Add as many as you need to match the number of sub outputs you enabled in the instrument

  • I have MIDI SYSEX files from my Roland keyboard-can I load them into a Roland Cloud instrument?

    Only the D-50 plug-in will load SYSEX patch data from its hardware ancestor.
  • Can I use the Roland Cloud instruments with Pro Tools?

    With Pro Tools HD 12, yes. All the plug-ins, with the exception of Sound Canvas VA, are available as 64-bit AAX plug-ins.
    With Pro Tools First, no. Pro Tools First only supports plug-ins available from the Avid Marketplace.
  • I'm using Ableton Live 9 on my Mac, but I can't see the Roland Cloud plug-ins

    In the Preferences for Live, go to File Folder and make sure that “Use Audio Units” is turned on.
  • I'm using Ableton Live 9 on my Windows machine, but I can't see the Roland Cloud plug-ins

    Live only allows for one VST folder. If you’ve customized your installation and/or are using other DAW’s, the Roland Cloud instruments may not show up in Live. In the Preferences for Live, go to File Folder and make sure that it’s pointed to where the Roland Cloud VST’s are located (this can be an alias to the actual folder).
  • How do I enable multi-out for the TR-808 or TR-909 in Ableton Live?

    On the TR-808/909 control panel click the "options" button and select "sub output" from the popup menu (enable as many of the sub outputs as you want)

    To assign the sub out channels, follow the procedure here.

  • I'm using the macOS version of Reason, and I can only see two of the Roland Cloud plug-ins

    Reason does not support VST3 or AU format plug-ins, but does support VST2. The only macOS Roland Cloud plug-ins that are available in VST2 format are Concerto and Sound Canvas VA. 
  • I'm hearing crackle sounds and random volume changes when I'm using the Roland Cloud plug-ins in my DAW or plug-in host

    When a plug-in isn’t authenticated, it runs in “demo mode” and produces crackling and random volume changes. To authenticate the plug-in:
    1. In the plug-in UI, click on the “Options” button
    2. Select “Authentication” from the drop-down menu
    3. Enter your email address and password
    4. Click Submit
  • Logic Pro X keeps crashing when it loads the Roland Cloud plug-ins

    1. Start "" from the Applications folder
    2. Find "Arial" font
    3. If it is missing, reinstall it
    4. If it is disabled (off), enable it
  • Can I use the Roland Cloud instruments in my 32-bit DAW or plug-in host?

                Roland Cloud requires a 64-bit DAW or plug-in host.
  • What is Xsolla?

    Xsolla handles Roland Cloud's subscription billing. If you have a paid subscription, you will receive emails from them regarding your account.
  • Why are these synths being made available by subscription only? Can I simply purchase the synths I want outright?

    After carefully studying different models for developing, delivering, supporting, and updating software and cloud-based services to customers, Roland along with many other leading companies has chosen a simple and affordable subscription model for Roland Cloud. Here are some of the benefits to our current and future fans of this approach:
    • When you subscribe to Roland Cloud, you are subscribing to a service, not merely a collection of instruments.  Future releases will be of instruments that are so large and of such resolution they must be hosted in the cloud.  It's how we came up with the "cloud" part of Roland Cloud.  The site you are currently looking at is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
    • It is so much easier to have many instruments for a low price than only one at a high price. We are adding new instruments and features to our core service on an almost monthly basis, and the subscription price stays the same. 
    • Many people interested in making their own music simply cannot afford the instruments that would give them pro-quality sounds; the Roland Cloud subscription model is one important investment by Roland to make our solutions available to almost anyone.
    • As your musical needs and tastes evolve, you won't waste money on synths you no longer use, and you won’t spend more to get the new sounds you want.
    • You’ll never pay for updates covering operating system compatibility, improving performance etc.
    • With the upcoming release of our Roland Cloud Manager application, installing, authorizing, and updating synths across multiple machines will be simple and efficient.
    • With the forthcoming Roland Cloud YOURS program, you'll be able to pick instruments and tools that you will have access to forever, regardless of your subscription status.
  • I have subscribed, what do I do next?

    Thank you.  You now have full access to Roland Cloud!

    Download and install the Roland Cloud Manager from the Catalog // Essentials. After you've signed in to Cloud Manager, go to My Instruments and download the instruments you want.
  • Can I use hardware other than Roland hardware to control Roland Cloud Software synthesizers?

    Yes, we currently support any hardware that supports standard MIDI. In order to "Plug out" the LEGENDARY or AIRA series of software synthesizers to your hardware, you will need a Roland SYSTEM-1, SYSTEM-1m or SYSTEM-8.
  • I have downloaded my instruments, now what?

    It varies depending on your environment.  Please see the user documentation provided by your specific DAW manufacturer regarding how to add and use VST, AU or AAX plug-ins.  
    Anthology, Tera and Flavr series instruments will be located within the plug-in section inside the Concerto plug-in, which can be found under "Roland Cloud" in your DAW.
    All other instruments will be located in the Plug in section under "Roland".
  • How much hard drive space will these instruments take up on my computer?

    It varies per instrument based on several factors such as whether it is using ACB technology or is an ultra-deep sampled instrument. The required disk space for each instrument can be found in the instrument's specifications tab on the Roland Cloud website, or in the My Instruments window in Roland Cloud Manager.
  • I'm interested in working for Roland Cloud, where do I start?

    We're interested in you too!  Please send us an email detailing what you do, why you are interested and we'll let you know if there is a good fit now or in the future to: [email protected]
  • When I try to authenticate my instrument, it asks for a user name and password. Where do I find these?

    Please use the exact same email address and password that you used when setting up your Roland Cloud account.  If you can't remember your password, you can assign yourself a new password via your profile page in  If you are unable to log in, please use the 'forgotten password' link on the sign-in page and follow the instructions you receive in email.
  • How do I zoom the instrument UI?

    We are currently addressing the scalability of both the Legendary and AIRA series UI.  
    For those who simply want to make the UI bigger, for instance, to be more legible on a 4k display, please try the following:
    1. Click the "options" button.  It is found in various locations depending on the instrument, but will always be labeled "options."
    2. Select the amount of zoom you prefer.
  • How do I authenticate the AIRA or Legendary series of synthesizers?

    You should receive a dialog asking for a user name and password the first time you load either a Legendary or AIRA Series software synthesizer into your DAW.  You can revisit the authentication process by clicking the "Options" button on the face of the software synth.
  • Do I need to be online to use these instruments?

    As Roland Cloud is an online service, you’ll still need to connect to receive updates, patches, and new stuff, but now it’s only required for authentication purposes once a week.
  • What happens if I cancel my subscription? Do the instruments stop working, or do they uninstall?

    Once your subscription is canceled, you will still have access to all instruments, features and services on Roland Cloud until the end of your current subscription, that is until the day before your next payment would have been assessed and processed.

    If you cancel within 7 days of your initial order, you’ll be fully refunded.

    If you cancel after 7 days from your initial payment, your payment is non-refundable and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period. Cancellations can be made any time by visiting your Manage Account page or by emailing Roland Cloud customer support directly.

    If you should reinstate your subscription after cancellation but before your next billing date, your service will be uninterrupted and your billing date will remain unchanged for subsequent billing cycles.

    If you reinstate your subscription after your  subscription time has run out, your new billing date will be 1 month after your renewal date.
  • I have already purchased a PLUG-OUT Synth from the Roland Contents Store- what does the change to a subscription service under Roland Cloud mean for me?

    First, thank you for being a Roland fan and customer- we want to make you happy! You may continue to use your current synth(s) license(s) without interruption (and if you choose to do this, please do not install the Roland Cloud versions of any synths you own- a different copy protection system will create some challenges!). In the very near future we will be announcing a special Roland Cloud offer for existing Roland Contents Store customers- please stay tuned!
  • No sound is coming from the SYSTEM-8, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106! How do I fix this?

    When using the SYSTEM-8, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106 software synthesizers, please ensure that your DAW is set to a sample rate of either 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Use of other sample rates with these plug-ins will result in no audio. Please refer to your DAW's documentation for further information on setting sample rate.
  • Why are the Legendary series synthesizers so intensive on my CPU?

    Powering the Legendary series is Roland’s critically-acclaimed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) modeling technology. It's the same engine as is found in the popular AIRA family of hardware synths. As ACB is doing component-level modeling of original analog instruments, it simply is very demanding.
    If the requirements of our ACB-powered synths are creating challenges for you, try reducing the voice count, rendering, bouncing to audio or freezing completed tracks/sections, and then archiving the software instrument MIDI track. You may want to remove the plug-in to reduce CPU load.
  • What is the difference between the Anthology series and the Legendary series?

    The Anthology series of software synthesizers are very different in concept and intended application from the Roland Legendary series. The Legendary series represents authentic component-level recreations of iconic Roland synths that leverage your computer's system resources to provide perfect reproductions of hardware. With the Anthology series, In order to maintain simplicity, the instruments have less knobs and controls yielding an easy to use and great-sounding, yet non-system taxing version of their hardware counterparts. 

    If you crave absolute feature parity with your favorite historical hardware synths from Roland and are well-versed in the operations of synths, choose the Legendary series. If you simply desire familiar Roland sounds that can be tweaked quickly and are easy on your computer, choose Anthology.  Both sound incredible!

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