Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the forthcoming subscriber loyalty rewards program that I've been hearing about?

Why are these synths being made available by subscription only? Can I simply purchase the synths I want outright?

I have subscribed, what do I do next?

Can I use hardware other than Roland hardware to control Roland Cloud Software synthesizers?

I have downloaded my instruments, now what?

How much hard drive space will these instruments take up on my computer?

I'm interested in working for Roland Cloud, where do I start?

When I try to authenticate my instrument, it asks for a user name and password. Where do I find these?

How do I zoom the instrument UI?

How do I authenticate the AIRA or LEGENDARY series of synthesizers?

Do I need to be online to use these instruments?

What happens if I cancel my subscription? Do the instruments stop working, or do they uninstall?

I have already purchased a PLUG OUT Synth from the Roland Contents Store- what does the change to a subscription service under Roland Cloud mean for me?

No sound is coming from the SYSTEM-8, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106! How do I fix this?

Why are the LEGENDARY series synthesizers so intensive on my CPU?

What is the difference between the Anthology series and the Legendary Series?