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1983—it was a very good year. What was once a trickle turned into a flood of fresh sounds. Synthesizers permeated pop culture with a wallop and everyone wanted in on the action.

Enter Roland’s JX-3P smack dab in the middle of this keyboard frenzy. Professional and newbie alike could sit down at this synth and channel their favorite electro artists. A unique musical tool, the JX-3P found its way onto tons of recordings in ‘83 and the years to come. (See “Axel F” from Beverly Hills Cop!) To celebrate the unveiling of Roland Cloud’s software version, we’ve curated a playlist of songs that blew our minds back in 1983. While we can't 100% verify that the JX-3P is featured on all these tracks, we can guarantee these songs will lasso you into a time-warp of nostalgic majesty. Check it out on SpotifyYouTube, or below!