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Roland Cloud is thrilled to be a part of AES New York 2019. Do your interests or work include studio recording, home recording, music production, electronic dance music, DJ, live sound, theater sound, broadcast and streaming, networked audio, audio for virtual and augmented reality, game audio, sound for picture or product development?  AES New York 2019, the 147th Pro Audio International Convention has you covered in one exclusively end-user focused event. Join us at the Avid pavilion, as we demonstrate AAX compatibility with our suite of legendary Roland instruments.
The man behind the curtain. The silent architect. A great audio engineer can define the sound of a recording and elevate a song to being so much more than the sum of its parts. To celebrate Roland Cloud’s visit to AES we’ve composed a playlist of songs recorded and mixed with some of the giants in the industry. Check out these songs below and hear how these engineers shape sonics with risk, poise, and scientific precision.