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Zenbeats’ ever-growing collection of new sound packs are added weekly to keep you inspired with authentic Roland Cloud sounds on mobile platforms. Check out these classic Sound Packs, available in any Roland Cloud membership or as a one-time purchase, in-app. 

Return to JUPITER - ZC1 Presets 

Harness the raw power of Roland’s JUPITER-8 with our Return to JUPITER sound pack. With colossal pads, cutting leads, earth-shattering basses, and gorgeous strings these 32 ZC1 presets pay homage to the one-of-a-kind tonality of Roland’s flagship analog synth.

Synth Classics JUNO - ZC1 Presets

Revisit the hallmark sounds of 80s synthesis with Synth Classics-JUNO. With gut-punching low-end, shimmering pads and legendary string sounds, these 16 tones for the ZC1 synthesizer span the essential sonic profile of the revered Roland JUNO series.