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From June 8thth to June 22nd, our new JD-800 Model Expansion Sound Pack collection is in Test Drive. Using a Free Roland Account or an active Roland Cloud Membership, Test Drives are available for all versions of ZENOLOGY, including ZENOLOGY Lite. Just install the JD-800 Cosmic Model Expansion Sound Pack from our new Test Drive series.*
Create other worlds with JD-800 Cosmic by Huston Singletary, an interstellar collection for the JD-800 Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware. 

Harness the full power of a retro digital icon with this compelling collection by veteran sound designer Huston Singletary. Bring the colorful sounds of the early ’90s into your DAW with evolving pads, exotic plucks, and a cornucopia of other tones created with the inimitable sonic palette of the JD-800. 

Download JD-800 Cosmic today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase. 

*After April 28th the JD-800 Cosmic Model Expansion Patch Collection will be available in Roland Cloud Pro and Ultimate Memberships or with the a Lifetime Key Purchase. Model Expansion Patch Collections are available for use in ZENOLOGY Lite during Test Drive.