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For fifteen years, MG The Future has produced, mixed, and mastered tracks for up and coming artists. All the while, he’s been composing, making beats, and reviewing gear and programs on his YouTube channel – garnering a massive and loyal following in the process
In the spirit of 808 Day, MG has produced eight modern takes on vintage hip-hop and R&B using the Roland Cloud TR-808. These grooves are infectious, smooth, and shine a light on the capabilities of the revered BOOM box. Check the tracks out below and get access to the iconic drum machine today!

The Roland 808 has been a staple in hip hop production for as long as I've been alive. It's my go-to for crisp clean hi hats and reinforced low end. Having the rhythms and sounds available in Roland Cloud has made accessing a piece of history effortless. 

-MG The Future