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Zenbeats is always delivering fresh sounds to keep you inspired. Check out these fresh new Sound Packs, available in Roland Cloud Core, Pro, and Ultimate Memberships with Zenbeats Ultimate Unlock.


Mixtape Volume 9 “808 Evolution”

Celebrate 808 day by creating explosive beats with our latest free pack, Mixtape Vol. 9 “808 Evolution.” These 60 audio loops, 2 kits, 5 patterns, and 2 ZC1 presets manipulate authentic tones from the classic Roland TR-808 through modular synth systems to create unique and meteoric percussion. Now available for a limited time!

Sub 808

Add huge BOOM to your bass lines and rhythms with Sub 808—an explosive Sound Pack filled with pitched 808s and other massive percussion instruments. Find the BOOM with this subby collection of 20 SampleVerse presets and 24 ZC1 tones.

X-Wave (ZC1 Presets)

Add unique sonic qualities to your tracks with X-Wave, a dynamic collection of diverse lead sounds for the ZC1 Synthesizer. From classic to contemporary these 32 presets will add rich and complex tonality to your melody lines.

Wave Particle (SampleVerse Presets)

Get inspired by the analog polysynth tones of the ‘80s with our Wave Particle Sound Pack. With iconic pads, plucks, and leads these 25 SampleVerse presets will bring the seminal synthesis of yesterday right into Zenbeats.

Download these new Sound Packs in the Zenbeats store today—available with Roland Cloud Core, Pro, and Ultimate memberships.