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Michael Schack is one of the world’s leading electronic drummers, known for his electrifying, high-energy solo performances and live collaborations with artists such as Netsky. As a regular consultant and contributor to the V-Drums design and development team, Michael has been very involved with the latest V-Drums, including the TD-50X module and associated kits. He’s also known as one of Roland's main international V-Drums artists, touring the world with his #pushyourdrumming “work show” concept and #DJDrummer solo shows.

With this special TD-50X artist pack, you can load five of Michael’s personal performance kits into your TD-50X module. These ready-to-play kits feature many custom sounds that are not in the standard TD-50X library, including specially designed and layered kick and snare sounds. And thanks to the intuitive internal copy function for individual instruments and sound settings, you can easily copy and paste Michael’s TD-50X sound tricks into your own preferred presets and user kits. Be careful—these sets go louder and deeper than the regular TD-50X preset kits, so you might have to bring down the volume a bit. Enjoy!

TD-50X Artist Kits 01: Michael Schack includes five premium kits crafted by Michael Schack himself. The series is compatible with the TD-50X V-Drums sound module and TD-50 module with the TD-50X Upgrade. Find TD-50X Artist Kits 01: Michael Schack in Roland Cloud Manager under V-Drums in the Hardware section.

Included Kits:


This all-around funky and tight-sounding pop kit for live and studio features kick and snare that utilize the transient function in the TD-50X module for impact and punch. Tom and cymbal sounds are tuned to match, and custom samples produced by Michael complete the set.


One for the blues and blues-rock lovers—large-size shells tuned low for a warm sound, complemented with overheads, ambience, and analog-style compression set for a rich and organic sound character. Custom samples produced by Michael are also included.


Valves, valves, valves! Experience the sound-layering potential within the TD-50X module and enjoy a valve preamp-type sound that slightly boosts the drums with matching harmonics in the low-end frequencies. Custom samples produced by Michael are also included.


Michael owns both vintage and modern full acrylic sets, and he’s created a two-in-one reproduction here that’s powerful and authentic. With added custom samples from his personal collection, this unique kit has an acrylic-type personality all its own.


When you’re the drummer for globally renowned drum and bass producer Netsky, you need a seriously pumping contemporary DnB kit that will challenge any PA system. This set features Michael’s custom kick and snare samples, plus onboard effects tuned for maximum impact

About the TD-50X Artist Kits

TD-50X Artist Kits supercharge your TD-50X module with the sounds, settings, and experience of top professional drummers. They’re available exclusively through Roland Cloud, the home of an expanding collection of premium V-Drums kits, curated samples, and jam tracks to inspire your music. When you join up for membership, you’ll have access to existing content and a variety of releases the moment they arrive.

Download TD-50X Artist Kits 01: Michael Schack today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.