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From April 20th to May 4th Test Drive the JUNO-106 Plugin and the Original 128 patches for the JUNO-106 for free with a Roland Cloud membership or just a Roland Account. Simply log into Roland Cloud Manager and install the JUNO-106 plugin and The Original 128 Volume one and two from your library.*

Invoke the spirit of classic ’80s Roland hardware with JUNO-106: The Original 128, a two-volume patch collection for Roland’s ACB recreation of the inimitable JUNO-106. Volume 1 includes the 64 factory presets loaded in Bank A in the original JUNO 106 hardware, while Volume 2 includes the 64 factory presets loaded in Bank B.   

Travel back to 1984 with the historic factory patches from Roland’s JUNO-106 hardware. No sound library is complete without the devastating basses, luscious pads, and singing leads famously delivered by this game-changing synthesizer. Trace back the architectural origins of modern sound design with these point-by-point recreations, lovingly forged from the original JUNO-106 tape data backups. 

Download  JUNO-106: The Original 128—available for free with a Roland Cloud membership.  

*JUNO-106 The Original 128 is free for all Roland Cloud memberships. The JUNO-106 plugin is available in Pro and Ultimate membership or as a Lifetime Key Purchase. The JUNO-106 plugin is required to use The Original 128 patch collections. The Original 128 patch collection are available for use when the JUNO-106 plugin is in Test Drive.