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From August 6th to August 31st, test drive the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer and our TR-808: Dark Techno patch collection for free with a Roland Account! Simply log into Roland Cloud Manager and install the TR-808 plugin and TR-808 Dark Techno from your library.*

Crafted by sound designer Mike Frade of Raw Loops, TR-808 Dark Techno features 32 patterns and 32 kits for Roland’s software recreation of the iconic TR-808 drum machine.

TR-808 Dark Techno combines melodic percussion with club-thumping distortion for a taste of the dark side. Inspired by the ever-evolving world of Berlin Techno, Mike Frade has crafted 32 unique rhythms and 32 brain-rattling kits to infuse your backbeats with midnight magic.

Try the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer and the TR-808: Dark Techno patch collection today for free with a Roland Account - no paid subscription required!


*After August 31st, the TR-808 Rhythm Composer entitlement will only be available with a Lifetime Key purchase or Pro or Ultimate membership. TR-808 Dark Techno will also only be available with a Pro or Ultimate membership.