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From March 3rd to March 16th, our two new Model Expansion Sound Pack collections are in Test Drive. Whether you use a Free Roland Account or an active Roland Cloud Membership, Test Drives are available for all versions of ZENOLOGY, including ZENOLOGY Lite. Just install the JX-8P Tension, and JUPITER-8 World of Jupiter Model Expansion Sound Packs from the new Test Drive series in your Library. *

Take the JX-8P and JUPITER-8 Model Expansions to the next level with fresh new sounds! Reimagined by modern sound designers, these two packs of presets utilize the raw power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System using the vintage Model Expansion synth engines. Download our ZENOLOGY Model Expansions and Model Expansion Sound Packs from your library today!

JX-8P Tension

Create a mood with JX-8P Tension from sound designer Nebula Nine, a high-energy collection for the JX-8P Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware. 

Channel some urgency with this chaotic collection developed by Nebula Nine. Filled with distorted leads and brutal pads that take full advantage of the JX-8P’s unique voice, these explosive sounds will fill your tracks with high-octane immediacy. 

JUPITER-8 World of Jupiter

Paint the cosmos with JUPITER-8 World of Jupiter by sound designer Huston Singletary, a mammoth Sound Pack for the JUPITER-8 Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware. 

This evocative collection from Huston Singletary clearly shows why the JUPITER-8 has earned the title “king of synths.” From big buzzy pads to stratospheric leads and beyond, World of Jupiter showcases the rich, dynamic voice that’s driven countless classic tracks since the early 1980s. 

Download JX-8P Tension and JUPITER-8 World of Jupiter today—available with Roland Cloud Pro and Ultimate memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase. 

*After March 16th Model Expansion Patch Collections will be available in Roland Cloud Pro and Ultimate Memberships or with the a Lifetime Key Purchase. Model Expansion Patch Collections are available for use in ZENOLOGY Lite during Test Drive without Save and Export functionality.