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With thousands of options for software synths to choose from, and messy trial versions that last 10 days, then limit their features and can be difficult to uninstall, shopping for your next sounds can be uninspiring, and even frustrating at times.   Like you, we're producers, musicians and composers, and because you've shared your want for such a program, we've designed "YOURS"- the new loyalty program available exclusively to our subscribers.

YOURS is very simple.  As a subscriber, you are automatically enrolled in the YOURS loyalty program.  Rack up 12 months of subscription time, consecutively or not, then choose any software instrument or studio software package from the ever-expanding Roland Cloud library and use it forever.  Don't have a current subscription but still want to use the instrument you chose?  That's the point.  After each 12-month accrual, your instrument of choice is YOURS, regardless of subscription status.

Think of it this way: purchasing a premium software synthesizer outright might cost between $200 and $300. With YOURS, the roughly $240 you pay per year for a basic Roland Cloud membership allows you to try full versions of EVERYTHING in our collection for 12 months, then pick your favorite to keep; the perfect "try before you buy"! And, the offer repeats for each year of your membership!

Also with YOURS, and as part of the Roland Cloud service, the instrument or software you choose to keep will always be the latest version!  We won't stop adding features and improving everyone's experience, and most importantly you won't be excluded from benefitting from them.

With YOURS, the synth you choose to keep will be available for any platform we support (Mac OS and Windows currently.) 
This means Roland Cloud is there to support while you upgrade to a new computer, even when switching platforms or adding a second machine to your main workflow!

If you're a Roland Cloud member with an active paid subscription, you're already earning YOURS credit each month.  If you have enrolled in a 30-day free trial, congratulations on your first month towards picking out an instrument!

If you're not yet a member, why wait to start earning YOURS credit? Sign up, then download synths to your heart's content and start earning YOURS credits today!

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